Workout Wear – Up your style along with your heart rate

Do us a favor. Look in your gym bag right now and check out what kind of clothes you have in there.If you’re anything like many of the women we know chances are you’ve got an old T-shirt and a pair of yoga pants that you’ve had since sophomore year of college in there. (Okay, maybe that’s just us). But we understand with all of the fashionable dressing you do every day of your life, your work out wardrobe often comes last. Well, no more! Along with hitting the gym more in 2011, how about hitting the gym in an outfit that actually coordinates? Trust us, it’ll benefit both your health and your happiness. Earth chic If you’re into helping the environment while you help yourself, check out this Alternative Earth line of gear by Alternative Apparel. Most pieces are made with an eco-friendly fabric blend. Pants, $28; Tank, $22; Hooded shirt, $30; Front-zip hoodie, $35; Scarf, $24. All available at Mad Eagle. Socks by Goldtoe, $15; Water bottle by Food Network, $9.99 available at Kohl’s. Yoga, yoga, yoga For the serious yoga buff (although we think this look is too cute to keep to one workout routine) try this combination of goods by Prana.Pants, $75; Tank, $46; Long-sleeve top, $54, Headband, $12; Yoga mat, $44; Carrying strap, $20 all available at Playmakers. Pretty in pink With a tee made of breathable, water resistant material, stretchy pants and a form-fitting jacket, this outfit is adorable and perfect for working up a sweat. Yoga pants, $32; Tee, $25; Jacket, $50 all by Adidas. available at Kohl’s. Shoes by Vibram, $77; Water bottle by Nathan, $18.75 available at Playmakers. Special thanks to Kohl’s of Okemos, 1710 Newman Road, Okemos, 517-347-2305; Mad Eagle, 301 Mac Ave., East Lansing, 517-333-3998 and Playmakers, 2299 W. Grand River Ave., Okemos, 517-349-3803.

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