Age is Just a Number


Jessie Perry/ Photo by Mark Warner

“Age is just a number,” is the only phrase that seems fitting when it comes to describing the essence of 90-year-old real estate agent, Jessie Perry. This extraordinary woman from Lansing is the grandmother to 10 and great-grandmother to 19 and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. “The best thing that you can do is to satisfy a customer and make them happy,” said Perry. Originally from Northern Michigan, Perry graduated from high school in 1942. After attending Lansing Business University, she worked for years alongside her husband at their brick and stone company. With three of her children in college at the time, Perry decided that she was ready for a change. She began her real estate career in 1965 at Edward G. Hacker Company. When she first started, Perry worked in property management and mortgage loans before eventually moving to sales. “I was always interested in homes and I moved a lot. My husband built a lot of houses, so I just kind of fell into it,” continued Perry. Perry’s sharp memory is what has kept her working for so long. When asked about the challenges of working in an age of ever-changing technology, she said, “I learn as much as I can from everyone that I meet who will help me with the computer. I get help from a lot of nice people.” The Coldwell Banker employee in the Hubbell Briarwood branch still works full time and even works on Saturdays to accommodate her clients. Perry said, “It is a demanding job and you have to keep on top of it otherwise you get lost in the shuffle.” When she isn’t working, Perry enjoys spending time with her children and their families. Every day she looks forward to phone calls from her children and grandchildren, who are now spread across Michigan and the rest of the country. Perry takes great pride in her customer’s satisfaction. Her longest client purchased a house from her 16 years ago and recently contacted her looking to find a new tenant for the home. Perry’s advice for a long career? “You have to be real friendly and treat everyone alike and everything will work out.” If you are interested in contacting Perry regarding real estate, she can be reached by phone at (517) 331-6026.

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