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Did you know that muscular strength decreases by about 1 percent each year after age 25? Over time this loss of muscle mass and strength can have a significant impact on overall health and quality of life. By adding a few simple home exercises you can improve your strength, energy and quality of life; without the hassle or the cost of joining a gym. Here are some affordable exercises that you can do easily at home. To complete this simple total-body routine you’ll need a stability ball, a resistance band and some hand weights. To get started, follow these safety tips:
  • Breathe. Ideally, exhale during the exertion phase of the exercise. To ensure that your muscles get the oxygen they need, it is important that you do not hold your breath.
  • Progress slowly. Be sure that you get the full benefits of your workout by working each muscle group to near-complete fatigue. This means that your body should feel challenged to complete the last couple of repetitions of each exercise. Gradually add more repetitions or weight to increase the challenge, however, try to avoid doing both things at once.
  • Complete one to three sets of 8-12 repetitions per exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends these guidelines to improve general strength and fitness.
  • Focus on controlling the resistance through the entire pain-free range of motion. It should take you roughly four to five seconds to complete each repetition.
At Home Total-Body Strength Workout
  • Squat with shoulder press (1a, 1b) Works legs, butt and shoulders
  • Stability ball pectoral fly (2A, 2b) Works chest, shoulders and stabilizing core muscles
  • Bent over row with straight leg raise (3a, 3b) Works arms, back and butt
  • Triceps extension with side step (4a, 4b) Works arms and legs
  • Stability ball abdominal roll-outs (5a, 5b) Works abs and back
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