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Be Brilliant Bags_FeatureHave you ever wished that your purse was bigger, more organized or more functional for your hectic day-to-day life? Marsa Truscott and Andrea Billups, the owners of Be Brilliant, wished the same. The two were looking for a bag that fit all aspects of their busy lives while making them look put together and feel elegant. Traveling to boutiques across the country, the two made multiple trips to New York’s Fifth Avenue to find the bag they envisioned. The problem? There was no such bag. They either had to sacrifice functionality for fashion or the other way around. After realizing that their dream bag did not exist, Truscott and Billups decided to invent it.

To create a product that would meet the needs and be loved by busy women across the nation, Truscott and Billups knew that research was crucial. Not only was feedback gathered from women who are already in the workforce, but from younger women too.

“Having the weigh in from young millennials is valuable market research. They have great ideas. Grown-ups are ground down and kids still believe in everything,” said Billups.

Along with various other methods, they turned compliments into helpful research. Say a person came up to them in the airport and said “Hey, I love your bag!” They not only say thank you, but they also ask WHY the person loves it. This helped them gain insight.

After research, meetings, pitches and building relationships: Be Brilliant Bags was born. Truscott and Billups wanted to make a product that helped people better themselves. Their corporate philosophy: give to others, love yourself. “Product solves a need, but there’s a much bigger and positive impact. That’s the passion for our fashion,” said Truscott.

Be Brilliant Bags_Owners_FeatureThe average woman buys three handbags a year, but the goal of Be Brilliant is to have one bag for all your needs. The Brilliant tote is a true blend of fashion and function. The lining is made out of the same materials as a wetsuit. This allows your electronics to be stored in the bag without having to cover them or worry about water damage. The entire bag is crafted in extreme detail down to the zippers, which are vinyl to protect valuable items such as iPads. The tote comes in a variety of colors including: pewter, black and rose gold.

Their plan for the future is to expand, but not too quickly. This is to prevent haphazardness and ensure the company can be deliberately controlled. Their vision is to have a flagship store in New York with corporate offices upstairs and a shop downstairs. For only being in the marketplace for a year, Be Brilliant is ahead of where the pair thought it would be.

“We are virtually almost out of product. By the time our product arrives in September, we should be in good shape,” said Truscott.

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