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Bilingual BabiesHave you ever wanted to learn a new language? As many who have tried know, the older a person gets, the harder it is to pick up a new language. The earlier a language is introduced to someone, the better chance they have of retaining it.

Gaëlle Cassin-Ross, owner of Aux Petits Soins, understands the importance of teaching children new languages from a young age. A native French speaker, she began teaching French to young children after her son, Sagan was born.

“I speak only French to Sagan, and when other parents heard, they asked if I could teach their children,” she said. After some consideration, Cassin-Ross decided to open Aux Petits Soins and began enrolling young students.

Classes are split into two age groups: 0-2 and 2-4 year olds, and no more than six babies are enrolled at a time in order to give each of them one-on-one time. Parents come into class with their children and learn along with them.

“It’s good to see that the parents are playing the games with their children and coming into class with their own questions,” says Cassin-Ross. “It shows that they are taking more of an active interest in the class.”

Cassin-Ross only speaks French in her classes, which helps the children learn French without translations. But she doesn’t want to just teach them the language, she also wants to teach her students about French culture, which many of the parents are interested in learning about as well.

Most students in the 0-2 age group can’t speak at all yet, but it’s evident that they are absorbing the language. They watch and listen to her every word. Cassin-Ross teaches them by singing songs and reading French children’s books to them.

“I’m trying to keep the kids in class at least until puberty, to keep them speaking French,” says Cassin-Ross.

Depending on the demand she has, Cassin-Ross plans to continue teaching children French and maybe increase the size and scope of the classes.

“I don’t just want to teach them French,” says Cassin-Ross. “I want to teach them the culture and holidays. It gives people more of a desire to learn more about French, which makes learning the language easier.”

Each session is ten weeks long, and classes for the 0-2 age group runs for about 45 minutes once or twice a week depending on the class. Classes for the 2-6 age group are usually between 60 to
90 minutes.

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