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The simple things are sometimes the ones that bring you the most joy in life — the alluring aroma when entering a room, that newly purchased handbag, a lotion that makes hands feel silky smooth. That is what October Moon is all about: the simple things in life.

Walking in the door at October Moon, you receive a blast of refreshing scents, an earful of exotic oriental music and the pleasure of complimenting colors decorating every inch of the store.

October Moon offers an array of goodies to please any woman. Among the shelves are totes of all shapes, sizes and colors, adorable aprons, varieties of lotions, candles, teas and many other treats.

All of these products are scattered throughout this Old Town, Lansing, store. There is no obvious rhyme or reason for the layout, however there are sections defined by color. For example, you can find blueberry jam next to blue purses.

“It’s esthetically pleasing, I like things to look pretty,” said Aura Ozburn, owner of October Moon.

Ozburn said that the inspiration for her store came from her desire to put all of her favorite things in one place. She considers her products to be the best of the best, especially the soaps.

“I have all of my favorite treats here, there’s a little sweetness to them, but a little naughty to them too. I love that,” said Ozburn.

Ozburn dedicated most of her life to painting. However, she found she was restless, so she gave up on painting completely and threw herself into creating a business, October Moon, from scratch. She still loves her random concept of October Moon and the pleasant reactions of newcomers and the smiling faces of returning customers.

“We encourage people to come in and make sure [the store suits] their flavor, because we want to make sure it fits their personality,” said Ozburn. “We want people to be delighted here.”

One particular section of October Moon has evolved with Ozburn’s life: the baby section. Ozburn said that what was once a baby section when she was pregnant changed into a section of toddler sizes as her child grew. This is no coincidence.

“Any time we want to change it, we do — we’re not handcuffed,” said Ozburn. “The store biz1metamorphosises with my life, we constantly keep it fresh. It’s a work in progress.”

Although many customers come in to browse the colorfully laid out sections and to purchase a couple of odds and ends, some customers order gift baskets, something October Moon is known for. Ozburn prides herself on always creating a different kind of basket. No two baskets are ever the same, and that is part of the fun for her.

For the most part, customers do not have to give much input. Returning customers typically will just call zin to place their order and pick up the basket when it is ready. One thing Ozburn recommends while creating the extravagant baskets is that her customers use something other than a basket as the base.

Ozburn said one of her favorite substitutes for a basket was an antique cake plate. Another suggestion she offered was using a gardening pot if the recipient enjoys gardening.

The baskets that Ozburn and her employees create typically start at $50. Average prices are between $50 and $500, however they can sometimes be more. Baskets can be filled with food, kitchen soaps, teas, a little bit of everything. Corporate companies are big clients for October Moon as well.

Ozburn noted that the holiday season is her busiest time of year.

“It’s insane, there’s a constant line, and we’re like a bunch of elves,” said Ozburn.

On Christmas Eve, when it is tradition for men to flock to the store for that last minute gift for their special someone, they have started flanking the counter with beef jerky and other goodies.

Even though October Moon is flooded with items that aren’t necessarily needs, that’s part of the fun.

“It’s about the unusual things, things you can’t really put your finger on, that give you happiness,” said Ozburn.

She also noted that she believes that stores should have a good emotional response from customers and hopes that everyone that enters her shop experiences just that.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else, I completely dig what I do for a living,” said Ozburn.

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