Carolan and McGarry CPA Inc. Partner at Lally Group, PC


Angelia McGarry is one of four partners of Lally Group, PC and the only woman out of the four partners. Working alongside Jon Nowinski, Nathan Eads and Steven Patch, with Thomas Bellgraph, who is retiring soon, McGarry works as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); her job consists of working with personal and corporate accounting. Lally Group’s services cover everything from working on a tax plan to doing everyday accounting.

“I help people to find a strategy or path that they would like to go down,” says McGarry.

McGarry has had the goal of being a CPA since she graduated from high school. She began by working in the service industry for many years beforehand, working hard to get her bachelor’s in Accounting and Business in 1999. McGarry was the first of her family to go to college and graduate. After finishing her exams in 2000, she got her certification as a CPA and went on to consult for a supply strategy company.

In 2006, McGarry bought her own practice, Carolan & McGarry CPA Inc. As of December 2015, she has partnered with Lally Group, PC in order to bring more options to her customers.

The Lally Group specializes in a variety of accounting services including: financial projections and forecasts, QuickBooks accounting help and assistance, audits, reviews and compilation, controller services and industry specific services.

McGarry encourages students and young professionals to consider accounting as a route to achieve their goals. She is passionate about her job and wants to share that passion with others.

“There are lots of opportunities for younger people to become CPAs,” said McGarry. “The average age of CPAs is around 65, so there’s a need for younger people to get in.”
McGarry explains that the requirements for CPAs have become more stringent since she became a CPA. Now, to get the certification, you need to have a master’s degree and one year as an intern to qualify for the CPA exam.

“But there are many jobs that can be filled in the meantime,” explained McGarry. “From payroll accountants to audit reviewers. There’s a lot of roles that could be filled by people with partial college experience.”

The CPA exam itself is a computerized test that is taken in four separate sections. The current exam, which is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, takes a total of 14 hours to complete for all four parts.

The amount of job opportunities increases after gaining the certification, with CPAs doing tax preparation and planning for people.

“My favorite part of my job as a CPA is working with people,” said McGarry. “I love what I do and that’s just a bonus in my life.”


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