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When a representative of the City Rescue Mission of Lansing came to speak at a Catholic Women’s Club luncheon, it was an eye-opening experience for many members. Without any prompt, a collection went around because of the immediate impact the representative had on the women. “He was a great example of Christian stewardship,” said Jean Merrill, the parliamentarian of the Catholic Women’s Club. “He is doing his work because he believes it’s what God wants him to do, and this is his way of life. It was a great testimony to what Christians should be doing.” “We try to make our speakers meaningful and entertaining,” membership chair Pat Gorski added. “His story in particular touched everyone’s hearts. It was something near and dear to us as Catholics.” These speakers are the highlight of the Catholic Women’s Club luncheons, which they hold each month. While membership to the club is limited to Catholic women, luncheons are open for anyone to attend. “We try to find speakers on topics our ladies might not know a lot about to expand their knowledge as to what’s going on in the Lansing area,” Merrill said. The next luncheon will happen on March 15 at Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Lansing. The planned speaker is Doug Schumard who is working to bring Catholic radio to Jackson. The Catholic Women’s Club also focuses on donating to organizations in need. In the past they have donated to places such as Hannah’s House, Southside Community Kitchen and Rainbow Homes, all in Lansing. “People will come and tell us a need, and if it’s a legitimate organization we try to give where there is need,” Merrill said. “When we think about giving,” Gorski added, “there are needs everywhere. We don’t give to just Catholic organizations — it’s about where people need it.” Every year the Catholic Women’s Club hosts a Benefit Card Party, their only fundraiser. At the last card party held in November, they raised $2,200, at only $5 a ticket. And this year marks a special year for the club honoring its 100th anniversary. The celebration will be held on Oct. 11 at St. Mary Cathedral Parish. The Catholic Women’s Club may be small, but most of their members are steeped in the club’s rich history. “Some of our members are in their 90s, and they’re still outgoing which I think is just wonderful,” Merrill said. Gorski said their club is about the camaraderie and the friendship that happens and knowing they’re going to help somebody. “It’s one of those things where we know we’re on the same page and going in the same direction,” Gorski said. To find out more about the Catholic Women’s Club, contact Pat Gorski at (517) 323-6224 or

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