Connie Lehman-Ranshaw – Becoming a business owner: A Choice Written in the Stars


According to Native American mythology, the coyote is a trickster. As soon as someone begins taking things too seriously, the coyote is known to trip them up, reminding all to enjoy life.

After working for the state of Michigan for 25 years, the coyote inspired Connie Lehman-Ranshaw to take an early exit and do what she’d always wanted to do — open her own business. It was only fitting that she call the spiritual and metaphysical store Coyote Wisdom, named after the trickster himself.

As a new business owner in Lansing, Lehman-Ranshaw made a commitment to herself.

“I can get really focused on my work and intense about it,” said, Lehman-Ranshaw. “So I decided that this had to be fun.” Meaning the coyote is doing his job.

Committed to keeping herself out of debt, the business began small. Now, 12 years later, Lehman-Ranshaw has expanded Coyote Wisdom from an abstract idea in a file folder on her desk, to a spiritual hub; offering intuitive readings, classes, hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology, gemstones, crystals, books and more. In early October, the business moved locations to accommodate a growing staff, clientele and retail.

“Connie is forward-thinking as far as leading her team and coming up with new and fresh ideas,” said, Sue Dyer, a psychic reader at Coyote Wisdom. According to Dyer, Lehman-Ranshaw is focused on implementing strategies to attract a younger demographic to the store.

While Coyote Wisdom offers a variety of intuitive readings, Lehman-Ranshaw holds a close connection with astrology and largely identifies as an astrologer.

“I’ve always liked it, because it’s more of a science — it’s not something you pull out of the air,” she said. “It tells a story about a person and it evolves as the person evolves.”

When giving an astrology reading, Lehman-Ranshaw meditates beforehand and says a short prayer to become more centered. She then jumps into reading her clients’ Natal Astrological Chart. Determined by birth date, time and location, the chart shows the astrological signs that clients fall into at different points in their lives.

“It was my first time experiencing anything like this with Coyote Wisdom,” says Janie Wakefield, a Coyote Wisdom client from Lansing. “I was a bit apprehensive, but when she spoke of things only I would have known, she made a believer out of me.”

Lehman-Ranshaw sometimes uses tarot cards to read the specific energy surrounding a person at a given moment.

“Having my own spiritual practice has even helped me to stay grounded,” said, Lehman-Ranshaw.

Above all, Lehman-Ranshaw noted that she’s proud of her success and enjoying her path as a business owner, an astrologer and a mom.

“Just to watch customers evolve and see them grow is the most satisfying thing,” she said. “That’s what I’m here for.”


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