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Being aware of personal health is an important aspect of living a better, stronger and longer life. Conquest Health and Fitness Center aims to help their clients reach their fitness goals and reshape, rebuild and renew their lives.

The owner, Andre Hutson, has been an athlete for the majority of his life; he was a star basketball player at Michigan State University, and was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks upon graduation. His time in sports gave him the knowledge that he needed to properly take care of his body and he made it his mission to share that with others. In 2012, Hutson decided to come back to the community and start a business. He saw it as an opportunity to educate people about fitness and help them to live a more active lifestyle.

After successfully running the fitness center for a few years, Hutson founded the Conquest Health and Fitness Foundation (CHFF). The foundation aims to get people of all ages active and to educate them about health and fitness.

“We want to engage people and get them active without having them think about the exercise that they are doing,” said Hutson.

CHFF is very new; it was founded in 2014, but it has already created some events that the community will be seeing again next year. Successful programs include a six-week ‘Golf for Kids’ program, a field day for elementary students and a local celebrity bowling fundraiser.

The foundation also hosts events that are more informative. They hosted an initiative that gave people the run-down on healthcare and assisted those who were still uninsured to sign up for a health insurance plan that fit their lifestyle.

CHFF recently hosted the Family FootGolf Fundraiser at the end of August. FootGolf, a combination of soccer and golf, is a creative event that brought the whole family out to play. The goal of the event was to show participants that being active is fun, while also raising money to support other programs hosted by the organization. “We want to engage people and get them active without having them think about the exercise that they are doing,” said Hutson.

With the help of the community, the foundation has had a very successful first year. Organizations including Compass Health, On Target Living and Jackson National Life Insurance have sponsored CHFF and many other local donors have given more than $45,000 to support the foundation’s programs.

Hutson hopes that the foundation’s involvement in the community will continue to grow as the organization evolves.

“We have done quite a bit in the community for being only a year old,” he said. “I really just want to provide opportunities for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience events like this.”

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