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Walking into Dwell, there’s an immediate sense of happiness and calm; like stepping into your grandmother’s home. Dwell is a unique boutique located in Okemos, Mich., and that’s exactly what Tamara Jackard and Jill Schaefer were hoping for.

Dwell is filled with great gifts like jewelry and home and garden items. Many of which are made here in the Lansing area. For nearly two years, Jackard and Schaefer have been helping people that come into their shop to improve the aesthetic of their homes.

“The area has been losing so many unique stores for gifts that we wanted to create our own unique store,” explained Schaefer. “We love Okemos and we wanted to keep our store here to try and keep some of the uniqueness to the area.”

Schaefer, who once worked as a mural artist for show homes, now uses her abilities to do in-home consultations.

“People request me to come into their homes to decorate,” she said. “I can use things that they already have or they can buy new items. They leave for a bit, and when they return the house looks brand new.”

Dwell not only has items that are ready-made, but they also take requests; whether it’s a realistic floral arrangement, wreath or painting a piece of furniture to fit your home, Jackard and Schaefer work hard to give their clients the best quality items at the best prices.

“Sometimes people don’t even have any idea what they are looking for when they come to Dwell,” said Schaefer. “They just come in with an idea or some sort of color swatch. That’s where Dwell really shines.”

“We try not to take our clients for granted,” said Jackard. “We try to get to know the clients that we work with and many of them become good friends. We try to make the buying experience more personal and more fun. That’s something that you can’t get at some other larger stores.”

“People have come to me with pictures or areas or just simple ideas,” added Schaefer.

“And I work with them to find what look they want and sometimes make something just for them or that space.” When the holidays roll around, Dwell changes its inventory, so that there’s always something to be found. Almost half of the store’s items get switched out seasonally. “The store looks really great around the holidays,” said Jackard.

“Last year around Christmas, we had around six Christmas trees decorated in the store. It was great to see the look on people’s faces when they saw how pretty it was.”

In the future, Dwell hopes to continue to help people make their homes into their dream homes. For more information about Dwell and to see pictures of their products, visit their Facebook page, Dwell for the Home and You.


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