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Big Plans
There are many articles that deal with self-help topics like fad diets, breaking bad habits, dating tips and other lifestyle goals that we want to achieve. After reading those types of articles do you feel charged, focused and ready to better yourself? For most of us the answer is yes. However, if you’re like me, I can lose my mojo quickly, especially if I feel like I’m not experiencing rapid results. I decided to take a slightly different approach with my article and create a wish list of things that can be crossed off as this year moves forward. But before I expose my list, let me share my attitude about creating it.

While it’s no easy task, my list was crafted with the intention of keeping things simple while maintaining a balance of friendship, community and self. Many people fall victim to creating monster-sized goals, thinking it will dramatically change their lives forever. I strongly believe that large goals are attainable for most people. If you want to target the big objectives, then go for it. The world needs big doers! However, the world can also use folks who keep it simple. People who want to achieve practical goals, by successfully crawling before they walk. Again, kudos to the big doers, because they can teach us valuable lessons about success; the wise doers will tell you the value of the journey. How working on your goals produces humility, patience and strength, with very little focus on any selfish gains.

I’m proud of the goals that I set this year. No matter how big or small, I’m going to own my list or better yet, my journey and define it as I please.

Drum Roll Please
As you follow my column in 2016, we’ll look at my drop in the bucket list and check off accomplishments and/or shake off set-backs that I experienced as this year progresses. I say set-backs because they will be a key part of working on my goals. I was recently told about an interesting champagne toast made at a party that I think is important to consider when starting my goals. “I hope in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself and changing the world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before and more importantly you’re doing something”.
• Ok, I think I’m ready to share my list now. Drop in the bucket:
• Call someone I haven’t spoken to in a while and make plans to visit.
• Donate to charity, whether it’s things, money, time or all three.
• Take one day with no use of a cell phone, laptop or any other electronic device. Instead find alternate ways to spend quality time with myself and others.
• Take a train or bus to a town that I haven’t visited before.
• Invent a signature cocktail that highlights my charm and energy.
• Attend a festival this summer of any kind (wine, food, music).
• Put on my dancing shoes and make it a night to remember.
• Complete a walk-a-thon.
• Create thoughtful, hand-made gifts and/or greeting cards for people in need of a smile.
• Create a Facebook page that’s solely dedicated to blogging the progress of my list.
Ready, Set, Go!
My list doesn’t save the world, but it does support the balance that I mentioned at the beginning of my article. Drop in the bucket number 10 states that I will create a Facebook page solely dedicated to blogging the progress of my list. I plan to share this page with all of you so that you can take a glimpse at my online diary and look forward to an interesting read in between articles. If you know me, you’re in for an entertaining treat. And if you don’t know me, then I have just given you something to add to your drop in the bucket list. Stay tuned to see what happens next. I can’t wait for all of us to start experiencing our bucket or drop in the bucket lists this year.
Thank you for following my story! Feel free to share your thoughts and/or drop in the bucket list to me atcatchat359@gmail.com. Happy Valentines Day!

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