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Delicious Tex-Mex sides at El Sombrero/ Photo by Emily Caswell

The way that winter has gone I wish I could say I just returned from a culinary trip to Mexico, or at the very least to Texas. But alas, no, instead I took a trip down Martin Luther King to El Sombrero. It was not warm outside, but friendly service and fantastic food did make a dent in the Seasonal Affective Disorder. I met Editor Emily at El Sombrero for lunch on one of those days where there were no lines differentiating the lanes on the street. We both were grumpy and hovering on the brink of colds. El Sombrero itself is not the flashiest of Mexican restaurants, but our server had a sunny smile and was helpful in every way. Now, El Sombrero is known for its amazing Tex-Mex breakfasts. Thankfully it is served all day, otherwise I would have felt like I missed out. Emily and I got down to business. We started with the guacamole. Why wouldn’t we? It was smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of acid to make this dip sing on its salty, homemade tortilla chip. In the best interest of our beloved reader, I decided to take one for the team and order both the Migas Breakfast Plate as well as the Combination Platter on the lunch and dinner menu. Emily went for the burrito. The Migas was something I have never run into before. It was a plate of scrambled eggs with corn tortillas folded into them and topped with cheese. All I can say is that it was wonderful. It was such an interesting combination of textures. I couldn’t help but think that if one were to have had a cocktail or two … or more, the Migas could be one’s new best friend the morning after. The beans, hash browns and homemade tortillas, served on the side, rounded out one hearty breakfast selection. The Huevos Rancheros need to be experienced next. The Combination Platter was another offering that left little doubt one would truly get their Tex-Mex fix. It came complete with carne guisada, an enchilada, a taco, a tostada and rice and beans. Phew. I could have eaten a whole plate of the carne guisada. It was super tender meat in a deep, dark, savory sauce. I loved it ensconced in the soft flour tortilla. Everything else on the plate was fabulous too. One of El Sombrero’s strengths is its meat choices. They are plentiful, flavorful and authentic. Along with the carne guisada, there is baracoa, shredded beef and chicken, etc. Emily’s burrito was a huge mountain of flavor. She loved the shredded chicken, claiming it to be moist and having just the perfect amount of spice. There was one other happy camper that came out of our El Sombrero lunch fest, Emily’s husband. Our “to go” pile was monstrous, thus ensuring future Tex-Mex satisfaction. While leftovers are great and all, El Sombrero is worth being your official Tex-Mex “go to” spot. So, get going.

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