Evemarie Eyde of Eyde Company Making the choice that’s right for her


Evemarie Eyde has worked for highly successful luxury brands like Tiffany& Co., Carrera Y Carrera and Baccarat, and to do so has lived in cities like Chicago and New York, and has traveled across the globe – all before turning 40.


“I had a career of selling things nobody needs,” Eyde laughed.

Her impressive career has propelled Eyde to various degrees of financial and professional success, allowing her many unique opportunities. Due to the nature of her professions, however, a few opportunities were missed because of her busy and successful career.

“I was traveling 90 percent of the time,” said Eyde. “I was in my late 30’s and I just thought, ‘I don’t have any friends and I’m never home.’”

With a career as full and successful as Eyde’s, it’s easy to see how maintaining a healthy work/life balance might be difficult. She realized that she wanted a career shift that allowed for her to have a little more stability, including a social life; however, friends weren’t the only thing that she felt was missing.

A Lansing area native, Eyde said that she had always assumed that she would get married and have a family when the time was right. Finding herself in her mid-30’s without a husband was completely fine for Eyde, but a desire to have children was growing.

“I was perfectly happy not being married, which I didn’t think would happen,” Eyde said. “Not that I didn’t date wonderful people, but I just got to a certain age and I thought, ‘I want to have a baby – I don’t want that to pass me by!’”
Eyde was 42 years old when she began pursuing the opportunity to have a baby.

“I just assumed that I would have a baby at a certain age, and my doctor said, ‘You sort of have to do something about that!’,” Eyde explained, laughing. “So I decided I would do it on my own.”

Eyde went to a sperm bank and began the process of In Vitro Fertilization, only to find out that the quality of her eggs had deteriorated, as is natural with aging, and there was a less than one percent chance of Eyde becoming pregnant with her own eggs.

“I remember thinking, ‘oh my gosh, I really waited too long,’” she said.

The only option, according to her doctor, would be to get donor eggs and a donor sperm. Eyde’s mother, one of the most influential people in her life, played a big role in her decision to move forward with pursuing a pregnancy.


“I was devastated, but my mom said, ‘yes, you can. He told you how you can have a baby, and that’s how you can do it,’” she said.

She bought six eggs through her doctor. The doctor explained that you get six, but about four or five would work for a frozen embryo transfer. The six eggs were bought and fertilized; but instead of four or five, she ended up having one embryo to work with.

“The science is so fascinating and so experimental,” she said. “The doctors were like, ‘This never happens!’ but, as it turned out, it worked!”

After a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, Eyde is now a mother to a healthy two-year-old boy, Christensen Eyde.

“He’s the love of my life,” said Eyde.

Soon after Eyde found out that she was pregnant with Christensen, she decided that moving back to the Lansing area was a must. She had been considering it before, but having a child on the way solidified that decision.

“I’m so lucky that I had a place to come home to and join this [Eyde Company] business. I couldn’t do what I used to do with a baby.”

Eyde is now a principal/part owner of her father’s company, the Eyde Company, which provides property management, interior design and construction in the greater Lansing area. Eyde said that although New York, Connecticut and Chicago were great places to live, she’s happy to be back in the Lansing area.

“I’ve come home. I’m so respectful and appreciative of the fact that the people are so much nicer and my son is growing up at that slower pace, something that I had to get used to when I moved back,” she said.

She noted that people here are much more likely to value family, to go home and spend time with their kids and spouses, whereas in New York, she worked twelve hour days.

“It’s honestly sometimes easier to come to work,” Eyde admitted. “Being a parent is hard! But I wouldn’t change anything.”

Although she isn’t opposed to having a husband someday, Eyde said that she is completely happy with her son, noting that she isn’t very traditional in the domestic sense; she loves to work and doesn’t desire to stay at home.

Most currently, Eyde is excited to be expecting again, with a genetic sibling for Christensen due at the beginning of March.

“This community is diverse, people are very open-minded and accepting. I’m very pro-women making choices for themselves, that are true choices to what they want,” she said. “One of the things I hope my story will inspire is for more women to say, ‘you know what, I can take that next step and open my mind to what opportunities are available to me and go for it.’ There’s a whole big bad world out there! I think more women should go for it.”


Megan Martin

Megan Martin is a Communications Specialist at M3 group and a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids. She is a foodie, a lover of art and tea and everything outdoorsy.

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