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As you can imagine, most of the team here at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine stays pretty busy. Maintaining such as on-the-go lifestyle often requires knowing how to make sure your essentials are always close by. Three CAWLM team members spill their purses and reveal how the contents of their bag helps them conquer everyday deadlines and to-dos. Lisa Twenter I typically like to carry a small purse containing just the essentials. For me, the extra space that comes with carrying a large purse hinders me from being able to track down my already-elusive wallet and phone. In my small, typically crossbody style, bag, I carry only what I need to get through the day ― or night. My wallet contains the bare minimum of my I.D., my debit card and a rewards card or two. Because I am extremely prone to dry skin in the winter, I always carry a heavy-duty moisturizer. Tinted chapstick and mints are a must for freshening up on-the-go and I always keep a packet of Emergen-C and a tea bag handy to keep me feeling in tip-top shape. Katie Brown Most days, I’m lucky to be able to carry a purse opposed to my large diaper bag. But when I do sneak out without a diaper bag I am sure to have my lip gloss and lip stick. Perfume is a must to cover the scents of motherhood, which include the morning’s breakfast and lunch that were splattered and wiped off of my blouse. Hand sanitizer is a must as you never know where your kid’s hands have been when your head is turned. I like to have a toy and a snack handy in case we end up in a long line and, of course, Wet Ones for the little one — and mom. Tiffany Dowling Normally, I carry a large purse. I keep quite a few items handy to ensure I have what I need when I need it. Beyond the normal wallet, business cards and lip-gloss, I need to have other items at my disposal. Because you never know when you’ll have an allergy attack or need a red pen for editing, I keep my pink pillbox filled as well as a horde of pens for every occasion. Fresh breath and clean hands are a must in my business so I’m the go-to gal for these items as well. My make-up bag and iPad are also always close by so that I can go from work to an event or happy hour or get some work done between meetings.

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