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Printmaker, Graphic Designer and Gallery Owner

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Printmaking is the art of creating prints by transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material, and it’s something that Kimberly Lavon does very well. As a fine art printmaker, graphic designer and gallery owner, she spends much of her time perfecting each method of artful expression.

“Virtually any medium can be translated into printmaking,” explained Lavon. “Drawing, painting, sculpture, everything involved in the process always keeps my attention.”

Lavon’s inspiration changes depending on the topics she is passionate about and is sometimes dependent on client requests. But either way, her love of printmaking comes from its versatility; prints can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, stone and more.

She has also offered printmaking classes in her studio in the past, and plans to offer monthly workshops in the future.

“My printing is also completely green,” Lavon explains. “A lot of other printmakers don’t live as long because of the chemicals involved in the process, but I’ve made sure that my process is much greener.”

Lavon not only does printmaking, which is her greatest passion, but also works as a graphic designer and manages her own branding and social media.

Her new print series, called “Clandestine Simulacrum” is a series of prints all pertaining to her and her life.

“All of the prints are something that defines me as a person,” she said. “But only my close friends and family would know why.”

Her series, “Clandestine Simulacrum” will be on display in her gallery in East Lansing until it is moved for the opening of the new coffee shop, Bloom Coffee Roasters in Old Town of Lansing.

At the moment, her gallery is only showcasing her own work, but she is hoping to soon feature others’ artwork as well.

Lavon also sells her prints at various prices depending on size, the complexity of the print and the number per edition. Her pricing can be found on her website.

For more information about Lavon and her artwork, visit her website or follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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