Finding Peace in Prints


Beeman's piece "10,000 Leaves."

Linda Beeman is a true Michigan artist. She lives, breathes and, of course, paints Michigan.

Since she can remember, Beeman has been interested in art and the beauty of the Great Lakes State only inspires her further. “I just always remembered doing art from childhood; my grandma had a little desk that was always stocked with crayons and paper,” said Beeman. Beeman creates prints called Moku Hanga, which translates into “wood prints.” She carves out stamps from blocks of wood and recreates on paper beautiful scenes that she has experienced as an avid hiker living in Michigan. “I love Michigan, we have all four seasons, and we have such different typography throughout the state. There’s beaches, flat lands, farm lands and the upper peninsula,” she said. Beeman not only sheds light on the beauty of Michigan, but several environmental issues as well. “I’m really drawn to water and the need for conservation in our state, that’s a big part of why I do what I do,” she said. “I try to draw attention to those small secret places that are everywhere in Michigan and have you care about them as much as I … Have them first give you peace because that’s what they give me and then remind you of their beauty.” Upon talking about what it means for her to be an artist, Beeman lights up with happiness, saying “it just gives me joy and peace in my life to do what I do and to be able to go out and explore the state that I love and to recreate that for others.” Print-making is the only choice for this artist; when asked if she experimented with any other forms of painting she replied with a very sure “nope.” Beeman went onto explain, “When I found (print-making) I burst into tears because it felt like this is what I’ve been waiting for all my life, it just spoke to my soul that I was home it just made sense to me.” This sense of inspiration from her work is what makes Beeman’s prints so beautiful. See Beeman’s work locally at the Jordan Gallery in Owosso and the Lansing Art Gallery.

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Ellen Dowling

Ellen Dowling is a student at Lansing Community College. She plans to transfer to a university where she intends on studying journalism. She loves photography, poetry, art and exploring the city she loves with her dog by her side.

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