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Without a doubt, getting fit tops most New Year’s Resolution lists. We here at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine believe that we can all achieve this goal and have fun while doing so. And really, what’s more fun than gadgets and beauty products and fashion? Well, we say nothing. So, here are three ways to make getting fit, fabulous. Happy New Year! Bright and Light After you stock up on coordinated workout clothes, you will have no excuse not to work out. These items are cost-effective and oh so chic. Old Navy offers a variety of colors, sizes and cuts so there is something for everyone from the marathon runner to the gym newbie. Available at Old Navy. Pieces range from $14 to $27, available at Technically Speaking Worn like a watch, The Fitbit Force keeps track of your total steps, sets of stairs taken, active minutes, calories burned and total miles covered throughout the day. You can also track your sleep and the silent alarm is a nice feature. The website and app log your activity and allow you to enter the food you eat daily. This helps when comparing calories in and calories out, and you can set up goals both long term and short term. $129.95, available at Dry Shampoo and Go Dove’s Hair Therapy Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo is the perfect way to freshen up quickly after a workout. Just shake, spray roots, let dry and brush out. It absorbs oil and transforms hair to look and feel refreshed. $4.79, available at drugstores.

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