Flashback to the Dragon


Complete submersion is what usually happens when I start a new book and especially a new book series. Flashback to the Dragon is the first book in the Flashback series written by local author Terri L Powers. The book has a quick pace that allows for a swift read. Flashback to the Dragon is a book written in the suspense/thriller genre. The main character, a detective Nate Cliffton is on hunt for a serial killer, dubbed the “Monroe Killer” by the press. The killer has a fondness for women that resemble Marilyn Monroe. Detective Cliffton is working his gumshoe techniques but always comes up short, with each murder there is no new evidence to help track this killer. Finally a break in his case comes in the form of John Carpenter, the other main character. John is an ordinary accountant but after a near fatal accident is now having flashbacks of things past. Carpenter has a flashback relating to the murders he cannot ignore and ends up teaming up with Cliffton to aid in solving the case of the Monroe Killer. I believe there could have been more character development, so I am excited to read the next installment. The personal issues that both Cliffton and Carpenter face is a story line to itself. There is great potential for John Carpenter’s flashback abilities and I look forward to seeing what he has to offer in the future Powers does a great job of getting you into the mind of the killer, their motives and actions. This is where complete submersion is best for me. I now have to wait for the next installment, patience is not a virtue I possess, but in this case, not an option I have. I will have to wait until I can enter the world of C squared crime solving duo again. Give yourself a couple hours, relax and let Powers take you on a trip. I do not believe you will walk away unsatisfied.

Tags: book review, crime, local author, mystery, suspense

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