Flex Their Way to Success

Trista Parisian and Jenny Quinn know fitness; both women live active lifestyles and have degrees in the health field. They may be living a fit life, but they noticed that gyms were lacking something; many gym-goers, especially women, didn’t know what to do when they go to the gym. Many would spend an hour running on the treadmill and then go home, not even touching the weights — they didn’t know how to get the most out of their workouts. With this in mind, the two friends decided to open their own gym with a new concept. FLEXcity Fitness is not the typical gym — it’s sort of the “anti-gym” — it’s a fitness studio. Open gym access isn’t available, and FLEXcity only holds classes by appointment. A different class is held every day of the week to make sure that class members get the most out of their workouts. Breaking the monotony of doing the same workout routine keep muscles from resisting progress. The goal is not to make people so sore that they cannot come back the next day; all of the workouts for the week correlate to gain the best results. Trista and Jenny are cognizant of how to cater to everyone in the class while continuing to provide an intense workout. They have mastered the ability to create a routine that is effective for members of all ages. The workouts challenge members to excel in an area that they are already strong in while also pushing them to break out of their comfort zone. “There are marathon runners that come in that have never biked in their lives, we include cycling in the workouts,” said Parisian. “We wanted to create an efficient and effective workout. A one-stop shop (for fitness).” They have also devised a training program called FLEX56, which targets all of the necessary muscle groups to get a substantial workout. The 56 minute plan is broken down into three groups: 25 minutes of cardio, 25 minutes of strength training, and 6 minutes of flexibility. The time intervals stay the same, but the conditioning exercises do not. FLEXcity offers more than just group fitness classes; they also offer individual challenges and wellness training. Staff members take the time to set up a dietary plan and assist in helping individual members figure out what they need to take a healthier initiative. The owners, along with the rest of their staff, work to deliver the results of a personal trainer with the fun atmosphere of a group. While people may be at different fitness levels, they work beside each other, doing the same workouts, providing the opportunity for encouragement and support. “The workouts, the structure and the personal attention that you receive at FLEX when you walk in the door is unlike anything else you would receive at a big box gym or class-like setting,” said Jen Farhat, a member of FLEXcity Fitness. The members who frequent the fitness center truly believe in the system that FLEXcity has created. They all work hard to gain more energy, better stamina and weight and inch loss. After the first free visit, members are hooked. They can’t wait to come back to FLEX, sweat, stretch and repeat.

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