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Since she was a young girl, Leeann Lilly always knew there was something different about her. When she was only 4 years old, her 12-year-old sister was hit by a car and unfortunately passed away. That same day her sister came back to her in spirit and Lilly knew that she had a special gift. It wasn’t until two years ago that Lilly really began to pursue her talents. She took on two mentorships with nationally known psychics and then came back to the greater Lansing area to open her business, Beyond A Dream. “The whole purpose of this is to help people heal and to connect with their loved ones,” said Lilly. “People knowing that their loved ones are constantly with them and the amount of guidance that they get from that (is the best part of the job) … It helps people to know that their loved ones are with them.” Lilly is an ordained reverend and certified Reiki master. Her services at Beyond A Dream include everything from Reiki healing, crystal therapy, energy healing, color therapy and guided meditation. Within the next three years Lilly hopes to open a complete spiritual health spa incorporating everything from chi cong, tai chi, meditation, Reiki, color therapy, astro healing and hypnosis. “Anyone who comes in here, they walk out fulfilled,” she said. Lilly also works with a group of children who were originally labeled with ADHD or bipolar disorder. The children were found to have impathic tendencies and since working with her, they have become more fulfilled, have weaned off of medications and have started sleeping better and doing better in school. “I love every single person for who they are and it’s not my place to categorize or judge,” explained Lilly. Lilly’s heightened sense of precognition never ceases to amaze her husband and four children. She even said that when she dreams, 99 percent of the time they come true. “If people would have more of an open mind to the bigger things that are out there, I think this would help a lot of people to be able to heal,” Lilly said. If you are interested in contacting Lilly about her many services, she can be reached by phone at (517) 749-0710 or online at www.beyondadreamllc.com.

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