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Q: Summer may be over, but we still have to deal with those pesky mosquitos and flies. Can you recommend anything to help with this?

A: My yellow lab has sensitive skin, so I’ve personally used the Espree® Natural Fly and Mosquito Repellent Dog Wipes. Something I really like about this product is that I can use it with my dog’s flea treatment. Before purchasing any product, read all labels thoroughly and make sure it will be safe for your dog. All dogs are different; some have sensitive skin and some aren’t bothered by anything, so be sure to do your research. And as always, you should check with your veterinarian to be sure you get what will be best for your dog.

Q: With so many different types of dog food available, how do I know what is best for my dog?

A: There are numerous choices — maybe too many — and it can be very frustrating trying to find just the right food for your dog. Be sure you start by searching for the appropriate “age food” for your dog, whether it is a puppy, adult dog or senior. Also, you have to take into account any allergies or special circumstances related to your dog. In general, protein is one of the most important nutrients for your dog. Vitamins, minerals, carbs and fat are all required to have complete and balanced nutrition. High quality is the best way to go, it can be expensive, but you are better off because your dog will digest and absorb the nutrients better.

Q: I recently lost my dog. What is a good resource for helping cope with the loss?

A: I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, at some point every animal owner will have to go through this. Our pets are part of our family, so it is very important for all members of your family, including other pets, to deal with this grief. A resource I have used in the past is There is a lot of helpful information on this website.


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Jill Bailey is the Media Specialist at M3 Group by day, by night she is helping train dogs for Canine Coaches! Having a life-long love of dogs, Jill decided to get her training certification in 2012. Visit for more information.

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