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Driving down Old Lake Lansing Road, you’ll see a new building located near the Westside YMCA. Marked with beautiful flowers out front and a simple sign, the new Holy Cross Women’s Substance Abuse Shelter is a symbol of hope and starting over for women in need.

Currently, Holy Cross Services provides substance abuse treatment in Saginaw, Mt. Morris, Flint and Pontiac. Once a need for a women’s substance abuse treatment program was realized here in the Capital City, Holy Cross was asked to come to Lansing.

“We are hoping that women who needed substance abuse treatment but were unable to receive it without leaving their homes, families and community, will now be able to receive services and become substance free,” said Kassie Kretzschmar, vice president of marketing and communications for Holy Cross Services. 006

The facility includes several levels with the ability to house up to 20 residential clients at one time, ten downstairs and ten upstairs. There’s a full kitchen, two full bathrooms, detox bedrooms, sleeping quarters, several big living spaces for relaxation and even a small chapel. Brand new appliances, refrigerators, laundry equipment, microwaves and other supplies were donated by Whirlpool. Essentially, the shelter has everything a client needs to make them feel safe and comfortable.

The new facility is funded in a variety of ways; much of the upfront costs related to getting the facility operational were paid for via the private sector (business and people who share the Holy Cross mission to serve the underserved); the funding for the treatment program comes from court or private insurance, or from a start-up grant through the Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP). The PIHP is an organization that the Department of Community Health (DCH) contracts with to administer the community mental health services in Michigan.

The new facility brings a much-needed service to the Lansing area. Holy Cross Services is currently providing substance abuse treatment to approximately 30 women each day in their residential services, along with another 100 each day in their outpatient programs. From Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties alone, Holy Cross expects to serve approximately 20 women per day.

“Our goal is to provide substance abuse treatment to women (and their children) so that they can be free from substances and live a productive, full life in their community,” said Kretzschmar.

While every person’s situation is different, the average duration of a stay in the facility is 28 days. There is no limit to their time at the shelter; the length of their treatment is worked out between the client, shelter employees and the client’s insurance provider.

Looking to the future, Holy Cross would like to continue to expand in their service to the community.

“At this time, we hope to fully utilize our existing site and remodel the house next door to provide a substance abuse recovery house for women, which is also a much needed service in the Lansing area,” said Kretzschmar.

With a new facility and a promising space for expansion, the Women’s Substance Abuse Shelter is a much needed and appreciated beacon of hope for many in the Lansing area.

For more information on Holy Cross Services, visit HolyCrossServices.org.


Kalynne McIntyre

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