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Information Technology Empowerment Center, better known as ITEC, provides students and adults with the opportunity to build their technological skills. Since 2008, ITEC has been opening eyes to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “ITEC develops local talent through skill building,” says Kirk Riley, executive director at ITEC. ITEC offers a handful of programs for students. ITEC’s latest accomplishment, iMath Tutoring Program, is an adaptive web-based tutoring program. The program assesses the student’s math level and then adapts to fit the needs of the student. A one-on-one tutor is also available for assistance. In addition, students can attend after-school classes such as Lego robotics, science and art of game design, digital media arts and SCRATCH. “After ITEC programs, kids go back to their classrooms with a new way of learning. They have more motivation and interest to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” Riley explains. “These programs build relationships with kids and empower them to achieve academic and career success.” Adults also have the ability to attend ITEC programs. ITEC offers an Everyday Digital Program for adults. This five week program provides adults with basic computer knowledge. For adults who have taken the Everyday Digital class or have a strong knowledge of computers, ITEC Upgrades is offered. ITEC Upgrades allows adults to gain expertise with the Internet, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and much more. ITEC programs are available throughout the city of Lansing. The Foster Community Center, the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing are just a few of the places science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be discovered. “ITEC would not be possible without its community partners and donors such as Michigan State University, TechSmith, Dewpoint, the Lansing School District, former Mayor David Hollister, and many, many more,” praises Riley. For more information about the Information Technology Empowerment Center, or how to make a donation or volunteer visit,

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