Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a new movie based on the Tom Clancy novel character of the same name, but with a modern paint on it. The movie tells the story of a man who is studying economics in Great Britain when the Twin Towers are hit in New York City. He drops out of college to join the marines and serve his country. During his tour of duty, his helicopter is hit by an RPG and he pulls his two men from the wreckage with a fractured spine. Jack is then sent back to the states to receive treatment and physical therapy. Jack meets Kathy, a med student and they start dating. For his heroics and economic background, he is then recruited to the CIA to be a secret analyst on Wall Street. Then, of course, stuff goes down with Russia. I felt that the whole Russian bad guy thing is overplayed, especially with the Russian government behind it. It would have been more believable to me if it was just the single company that was trying to bring down the US economy. I felt like the plot was trying to be really spy movie, but it wasn’t very complicated. And Jack Ryan goes from student, to marine, to analyst and then he’s all freaked out when stuff goes down in Moscow. The character was a little all over the place. Other than that it was a good looking spy-action movie. I’m sure they’ll make a sequel, so I hope that it’s got a more complicated plot since it won’t have to give the main character a backstory. I would say that anybody who wants to go see a good action movie with Kevin Costner and Chris Pine, this is the movie to see. But other than that, I’m sure that it would be a good movie to rent later when it comes out on DVD. In my opinion, I’d give this movie a three out of five.

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Kyle Dowling

Kyle Dowling is an employee of M3 Group and is pursuing a writing degree at LCC. He enjoys fiction writing, video games and movies.

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