Jen Dubey A Helping Hand at Every Opportunity


As a young girl, Jenn Dubey didn’t know what “philanthropic” meant. But when her neighborhood ran a carnival for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Dubey’s three older sisters knew the perfect role for her and dressed her in mismatched clothes and a polka-dot hat: a clown.

“My job was to walk around, pass out balloons and talk to people about donating to MDA. All the money that was donated that day was given to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. That was my only experience, as a child, (with philanthropy).”

Years later, Dubey moved to Lansing and eventually became a small business owner of Evolve Corporate Wellness. Dubey now works as Wellness Director at the UClub. Like many good business owners, Dubey knew that it was important to connect with the community around her and build up a network of people to be successful.

She jumped into the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce with gusto by attending mixers, participating in meetings, engaging in economic clubs and learning about the things happening in the region. Eventually, Dubey was given the honor of serving on the Chamber Board of Directors.

“I instantly became connected to my community,” said Dubey. “It was an amazing experience; sitting in the board meetings and learning about what’s happening in the community, the speakers, going to economic clubs and things that were happening in the region, I think, that got me excited.”

Dubey’s growing passion for community involvement led her to the Lansing Rotary Club. She was hesitant about her fit into what she thought was an “old boy’s club,” but found that it was a wonderfully diverse group of compassionate people — the perfect place for her passion for helping others.

“I quickly found that Rotary is about giving back to your community in an array of different ways,” explained Dubey. “After all, their mission is ‘Service Above Self.’ That is a noble goal for anyone!”

Currently, she serves as the head of the International Committee, which funds projects around the globe. She is also in charge of revitalizing the Special Projects committee, on which she is the chair. The committee provides hands-on services to organizations in need, within the Lansing region.

“For women in the community, especially those that want to be seen as leaders, it’s important to find a place that you can get involved and feel active and confident that what you’re doing is making a difference in the community.”


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