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This fall, be sure to add the Knight Cap to your list of fine dining locations. This Lansing restaurant prides itself as an image of quality and class. Located at 320 E. Michigan Ave., patrons are offered high-end food, service and ambiance. Known as a long standing institution of the Capital City; your family dinner, special occasion or friend’s night out easily turns into an intimate experience that you will fondly remember. A warm thanks to proprietors Leo A. Farhat Jr. and his son Greg for resurrecting a classic dining experience that makes you feel like it’s your turn to be pampered for the evening.

It’s clear that this establishment understands the importance of a quality dining experience that spans far beyond being seated at your table, placing an order, then receiving a meal. Instead, all of the thoughtful details that you hope a wonderful evening on the town would include are offered at this vintage spot. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just meeting friends and loved ones for a night out, every person in the restaurant is given undivided attention.

One of my closest friends, Danielle Robinson and I are always game for an impressive girl’s night out. Our whimsical nature and appreciation for food and wine are perfectly matched for an evening at the Knight Cap. Immediately when I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a charming group of hard workers and escorted right to my table. Our handsome steward for the evening demonstrated a sophisticated and amusing manner (the fact that he was easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either).

With music playing in the background, our well-trained server stressed the fact that he was committed to making sure our evening was perfect. In my opinion, the success of this restaurant is due to the competent team of service professionals. Listening to wine and meal recommendations are one thing, but it’s great when you have a personal tour guide who takes you on a journey of the menu and the creativity involved with it. My first thought was, “What a great night this is turning out to be.” Of course, ordering a glass of wine made it even better.

As expected, extravagant wine and multiple food courses are available for selection. My recommended wine choice for the evening was a French merlot, paired with a delicious New York Strip steak. While I’m sure your mouth is watering by now, it’s important to note that in between courses, Danielle and I were able to witness the engaging patriarch/restaurant owner, Leo Farhat, as he walked around from table to table greeting his guests one by one. We were excited when he made his way over to us, making sure we knew that he was glad to have me and my dinner companion there.

The last part of the evening was spent admiring the exquisite atmosphere. How fitting for Danielle and I to end a perfect evening by chatting with a couple who was there celebrating 20 years of marriage. What a great way to honor a milestone by spending a special night on the town surrounded by elegance. Listening to this couple boast about their celebration also included a fond story around their connection to the Farhat family.

The next day, I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Farhat (son and owner) about his impressive restaurant and the amazing family touch that they’re able to add to the place. Greg humbly highlighted his Dad’s talent.

“He is definitely made for this restaurant,” said Greg. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without him.”

So if you have affection for class and class acts, stop by the Knight Cap to enjoy the food and the great family bond that makes it all possible.
Must Order:

  • First Course-Mushroom Caps
  • Main Course-New York Strip
  • Dessert-Traditional Cheesecake
  • Wine-Merlot (Chateau LaFleur Cardinale Grand Cru)


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