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Do you ever feel like you need to have some great Michigan artwork in your day? Head down to Washington Square and you’ll find the Lansing Art Gallery. Started in the fall of 1965, it’s been the place in downtown Lansing to see Michigan artwork, both local and statewide. Its mission is to promote public awareness, enjoyment and education of the visual arts through the support of Michigan artists. It quickly became a non-profit and gave Lansing its first permanent art gallery. The Lansing Art Gallery was started by a handful of dedicated artists as a place to showcase their art. Since then it has expanded into what it is today with its various classes and community support. The Lansing Art Gallery shows monthly exhibits. Showing now through Friday, Feb. 8 is an exhibit called “Threadlines” featuring the artwork of Dolores Slowinski, which includes thread sewen into paper in interesting and intricate designs. Opening Wednesday, Feb. 15 and running through Saturday, March 23, is an exhibit by Amelia Falk, a photographer out of Kalamazoo. “It’s interesting,” says Sara Pulver, the Gallery Coordinator. “We get some regulars that come around for each of the different exhibits, but we also get the people who follow that kind of art or artist. It keeps us busy.” The Lansing Art Gallery also supports younger artists with a portfolio competition for high school students. Winners receive scholarship money. The gallery also supports budding artists through Education Outreach, “Art Smart” after school classes and Art Camps for both spring and summer break. In addition, the Lansing Art Gallery has a Gallery Gift Shop where people can find original, hand-crafted items. There is also a Lease/Purchase Gallery where it’s possible to purchase artwork on an installment plan. If you’re looking for an interesting time with some local art and good information about it, then there is no better place than the Lansing Art Gallery. For more information on the Lansing Art Gallery, call (517)374.6400 or visit their website

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