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In Michigan, we understand that earning a college education matters. Obtaining a college degree is crucial in turning around Michigan’s e…

In Michigan, we understand that earning a college education matters. Obtaining a college degree is crucial in turning around Michigan’s economy to a path of prosperity. However, affording a college education is difficult and out of reach for many students. However, the Lansing Promise Scholarship gives students hope by making the idea of college possible.
The Lansing Promise Scholarship is a college scholarship equivalent to an associate’s degree (up to 60 credits) at Lansing Community College or $5,000 at Michigan State University. The scholarship is funded by private donations until tax capture takes over. In order to receive the scholarship, students must attend four or more consecutive years and graduate within the Lansing School District boundaries.
“The fall semester of 2012 was the first time the scholarship was given. We awarded 100 scholarships to students and expect to see this number grow exponentially as more students learn about the scholarship,” says Rich Howard, coordinator of the Lansing Promise Scholarship.
The Lansing Promise Scholarship is rewarding for students. It focuses on student’s academic achievements, it inspires students to finish high school and continue on to college, and increases student’s future job opportunities and income potential.
In addition, the Lansing Promise Scholarship is beneficial to the community of Lansing as well. The scholarship increases the amount of high school and college graduates, keeps jobs and attracts new industries, increases personal income to support local businesses, and strengthens and revitalizes core urban areas.
“The future is bright for the Lansing Promise Scholarship and has received incredible support from the community,” says Howard. “In years to come, we expect to increase the number of scholarships given and expand the eligible schools students can attend. We also would like to increase the award as well, for instance, from a two-year associate’s degree to a four-year bachelo’rs degree.”
For more information about the Lansing Promise Scholarship Program, or how to make a donation, visit www.lansingpromise.org.


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