Life of Pi


The only thing I knew about this movie going into it was that it was about a boy and a tiger lost at sea. That’s what I got from the poster at least. Life of Pi is an adventure movie following the story of Pi. The movie is a reiteration of events that happened to him from his childhood, up to his big adventure. Pi is actually a grown man, telling his life story to a writer who was told to seek out Pi in Canada and hear his story. The beginning talks about his upbringing, how he got his name and his religious experiences. He was a self-proclaimed Catholic-Hindu-Muslim. His parents owned a zoo in India, and they had to relocate to Canada. Without going into much detail on how exactly it happened, he ends up being a castaway in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a boat, and his family’s tiger. This movie surprised me a bit. I had assumed it would be a light-hearted adventure with plenty of colors and animals. Although there were plenty cute CGI and non CGI animals, there were also some times where there was some animal on animal violence, and images of animals being attacked or drowning. No blood, but something you should be aware of. It definitely still retains its PG13 rating. The relationship between Pi and the tiger really had me engaged in the ending of his story. The whole movie had me enthralled, wondering what was going to happen next.

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