Local Men: Aaron Harris A Life Well-Balanced


As a financial advisor at Northwestern Mutual, Aaron Harris spends a lot of time helping individuals with retirement and business decisions. An engineer by degree and an entrepreneur by profession, Harris grew up in West Bloomfield and graduated from Michigan State University in 1997. He works with flexibility to ensure he has time to spend with his family — a blessing that comes thanks to his role with Northwest Mutual.

“I’ll carve out certain days where I work until 5 or 6 p.m. Or, on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll keep my late appointments and then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I can come home earlier and spend time with Mia,” said Harris. He has been with Northwestern Mutual for about four years, and has been able to create his own work schedule to best fit the needs of his family. “My wife also has flexible work and I can stay home all day when need be, if she has to work.”

Both Harris and his wife have been looking forward to this year’s Father’s Day, since they no longer have to prepare themselves for a new baby. “I bonded with my dad over athletics. I liked baseball and he taught me how to play golf, which we both enjoyed.” In the past, Harris and his father would go out golfing for Father’s Day, bonding over short-cut grass and expansive grounds.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to play golf with my daughter. Right now we spend time with her on the floor. She’s climbing things, we’re making noises and sounds; we’re just spending time together,” said Harris. “I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my grandparents, and we’re trying to make sure that she gets that time with my parents and my wife’s parents.” Harris also remains hopeful that his father, daughter and he will be able to start a new Father’s Day tradition, where they all go golfing together; a continuation of the bond started by father and son, improved to include daughter and granddaughter.


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