Local Men: Chris Buck Learning to Appreciate Life, One Adventure at a Time


As a small business consultant, business owner and overall family man, Chris Buck has had to learn a thing or two about finding a balance between work and home. Since October 2013, through his business, CJ Buck Consulting, Buck has been helping businesses work on their properties to be more successful with staffing, marketing, setting goals and streamlining overall efficiency.

“Nobody that you interact with wants to be surprised. You should also do everything you can to prevent breaking a promise: be it to your family, co-workers or clients,” said Buck.

Pulling from a plethora of experience, he has found the one key factor to balancing work and family time comes from learning when to unplug from distractions.

“We’ve moved around the country a lot so our Father’s Day traditions evolved with each place,” said Buck. “We like to do day trips, like going to Frederik Meijer Gardens, our cottage or to festivals and events.”

With each place that Buck and his family have moved to, they have made sure to spend time away from electronics, so they can spend more time together as a family. Nearly every other weekend, they go on a trip to a different city across Michigan.

“One year, we went to Detroit and visited the Eastern Market where we got lunch at Supino Pizzeria. We wandered around Eastern Market, bought some fresh produce and stopped at an IKEA store. Then we went to Ann Arbor and wandered around a park there.”

Overall, Buck’s life lessons have amounted to a greater appreciation for family, friends, community, art, music, culture and so much more.

“It is important to remember that you work to live, not live to work,” he said. “Make better choices of what you spend your time doing. Learn to say ‘no’ and feel good about it. There are too many opportunities to take them all on.”


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