Local Men: Joe Wright


Joe-WrightLandscape Coordinator at City of Lansing

The Many Faces of Joe

Photo by Erika Hodges

By day, Joe Wright is a working man; one of the people keeping the city of Lansing looking beautiful. His job as a landscape coordinator involves managing a team and looking after Francis Park. He also takes care of the background paperwork it takes to keep Lansing looking great.

But by night, he’s a showman known around Lansing for his country singing.

Wright plays nearly 130 gigs a year as a solo acoustic guitar player. He’s going into his sixth year of playing every night at the Lansing City Market, and plays every Thursday at the Classic Pub.

Wright explained that he was always into music, but life got in the way. So when he finally got serious about it, he was 35 years old, and finally picked up his first guitar.

“I know that I’m only as successful as I am because of my fans,” he said. “I really appreciate their support and the support of my wife, Chris, who has stuck with me through my music career.”

Wright also organizes a Christmas party every year for homeless veterans in the Lansing area. He plans the whole event by himself and does most of the fundraising.

“It’s so important to help veterans that have fought for our country and fallen on hard times,” Wright explained. “It’s hard work but it’s worth it.”


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