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Marc-Olivier-WahlerDirector of the Broad Art Museum A Life Dedicated to Art

Photo by Megan Martin

Marc-Olivier Wahler, a Swiss native and prominent international art curator; will assume his post as the new director of the Broad Art Museum on July 1, taking his residence right here in the greater Lansing area.

“This museum is fantastic and the staff is amazing,” said Wahler. “The structure of it being linked to a university is something really special. I would like to change nothing but just add my own experience and my know-how. With these two things combined, hopefully I will bring the Broad to new territories.”

Wahler’s impressive career began by curating in fine art museums in Lausanne and Geneva. Since then, he has created an art center in his hometown, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, worked as the director of the Swiss institute in New York and currently holds a position as the Founding Director of the Chalet Society in Paris, an experimental arts organization that critically examines the Art Museum, seeking to understand what the museum functions are for now and where it’s going in the future.

Aside from his many accomplishments as a professional, Wahler is also a father to a 20-year-old daughter, Nina, who currently lives in Switzerland.

“Of course it’s hard [to leave her]. When I lived in Paris and she lived in Switzerland, it wasn’t so far away, I used to see her almost every weekend,” said Wahler.

“Now she’s an adult, so it’s different, but we see each other as much as possible.”

In his new position as Director of the Broad, Wahler noted that he wants to keep the focus of the museum very close to what Michael Rush, the founding director, wanted.

“He did a fantastic job,” said Wahler. “Taking this heritage and trying to bring it to new territories by respecting that, I think that’s the challenge.”


Megan Martin

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