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This Thanksgiving Erin Oakley is grateful that she has a family who loves disc golfing as much as she does. While most people crash on the couch, after she and her family share the holiday together, enjoying food and stories with relatives, Oakley, her husband and her daughter love to get out and play some disc golf. “My husband played before we were married and I used to go out and watch him, one day I was like ‘give me a disc’ and I’ve been addicted ever since,” Oakley said. “My Women’s Disc Golf Club has been my number one passion ever since.” When Oakley started her disc golf club, there were only five women. Now, there are 44 women in the league and it continues to grow. Each week an average of 14 women travel to one of the six different courses the league plays at. The courses stretch from Lansing to Grand Ledge and out to St. Johns. “My favorite part is having new girls come out and become passionate about the sport. It’s like a huge family and I look forward to playing with these girls each week,” said Oakley. “The only tough part about the sport is getting (more than) 30 women to agree on one thing, but it always works out in the end.” Oakley was part of one of the biggest women’s tournaments this year in the United States; Disc Girls Gone Wild. “It’s exciting and a great way to exercise. I play all year long and love seeing people get involved.” Travel is a way Oakley and her family can play year round. “My husband and I travel to Virginia and Georgia where our families live. We play in a lot of disc golf tournaments down south. We are pretty much a die-hard disc golf family.” They also travel up to Ludington, Mich. for state finals every year. “The disc golf course there is beautiful, the lake is beautiful, it’s a really nice family vacation,” says Oakley. She dreams of numbers going up in the women’s league because right now women are 100:1 versus the men’s leagues. “I think everyone should play disc golf, I wish I had known about it sooner and started playing when I was young.” Oakley grew up in Grand Ledge, and lived right across from the disc golf course. She never knew what it was and regrets never finding out. “I’ve been playing for about 11 years now, but wish I could’ve been playing my whole life.” This doesn’t get her down though; she lives day by day and has an optimistic outlook on all aspects of her life. “I went back to school and it really means a lot to me. I really care about what I’m learning and have gotten all 4.0s. You are never too old to do what you want to do if it is something you are really passionate about, especially if it’s disc golfing.” If you are interested in the Lansing Area Women’s Disc Golf Club you can either email Oakley at: valkhere@gmail.com or check out their website: www.discgolfscene.com/clubs/Trips_Cs

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