Local Women: Marci Lancour It’s all about family and community


Friedland Industries, a local scrap-recycling facility, has been a staple in the Lansing community for 130 years. They sort old scraps such as paper, steel and copper to be shipped to manufacturers and transformed into new products. Friedland plays a vital role in this lifecycle and it wouldn’t be possible without the hard-working people behind the scenes.

Stop by the front office and you’ll find Marci Lancour, a self-described jack of all trades. She has been a part of the Friedland family for 25 years, maintaining finances within the business. Throughout her time at Friedland, Lancour has raised her two daughters and even met her husband. She explained how grateful she is to have the freedom to be a working mom and play a big part in her children’s busy lives. She also attributes her passion to the gracious work ethic of the Bass family, who has run Friedland since the 1970’s.

Friedland is one big family and the community is their primary focus. Lancour explained that volunteerism is a great aspect of working at Friedland. “Giving time back to the community is great for employees and the business,” she said.

Lancour is one of two women who run the office and have face-to-face time with customers, or as they call them at Friedland — peddlers. She has forged many relationships throughout the community this way.

“It’s not about who has the best price,” she said. “People come here because of who we are and what we’ve built.”

Lancour is the heartbeat of the Friedland office. She keeps everything financial in check and the business running smoothly. However, she has developed a vast knowledge of all aspects of the business, which has allowed her to take on responsibilities as needed.

When Lancour looks to the future, she is optimistic her family at Friedland will continue to adapt to the changing world around them. In the past five years, they have expanded their environmental efforts and paved the way for others, being one of Lansing’s first “green” businesses. However, they aren’t stopping there, instead, they are constantly innovating as society progresses. They have recently taken on document destruction services and electronic recycling.

“This is driving a new group of people and building a lifetime partner within our customers,” Lancour said.

They are even improving upon their advertising, using social media to reach more customers. “As society changes, we try to change along with the wants and needs of customers,” she said.

Lancour is one of the vital reasons why Friedland continues to support and grow with the Lansing community. The most important thing to Lancour is the extended family she’s gained at Friedland while growing a family of her own.


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