M3 Group’s Gift Guide


In a gift-giving rut? No idea what to buy your boss, best friend or mother-in-law? Look no further, the M3 Group and Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle team has you covered! Check out our team’s top picks for perfect presents and get celebrating!

Austin Ashley
Clean up this holiday season with locally made artisan soap. High-quality soaps turn a mundane everyday occurrence into a luxury experience. Find a variety of colors and scents at boutiques and farmers’ markets.

Jill Bailey
I love to get people scratch-off lottery tickets. It isn’t something you normally buy for yourself and everyone gets pretty pumped about them, especially if they win!

Angela Carlone
I love giving gift jars personalized to the individual receiving it. A snow globe gift card jar is a fun way to give a gift card. Other ideas include a jar filled with candy around a paper roll filled with money or cookie ingredients layered with an instruction card.

Ellen Dowling
I’m making necklaces by buying bulk crystals on Etsy and wire wrapping them. There’s a large variety of crystals and gem stones. Using a birthstone is fun and makes it more personal. The end result is a beautiful necklace to compliment any outfit!

Kyle Dowling
The Xbox One is a gift for all ages, with a variety of games to match anyone’s interests. It can play DVD and Blu-ray movies, and support different video services, making it a useful media hub.

Tiffany Dowling
Dinner of the month club at amazingclubs.com is a perfect gift for the busy professional. It’s a gourmet gift delivered directly to their door. Each delivery serves two to four people. This is perfect for the person who seems to have everything.

Melissa Dowrick
Looking for a gift that any age will enjoy? Purchase a refillable popcorn bucket from Celebration! Cinema that includes movie passes and other perks. Fill the bucket with candies or for adults, stuff it with gift cards to restaurants to create a dinner and a movie date night!

Megan Fleming
One of my least favorite things about winter is the cold weather, especially when getting into a cold car. A remote starter is not only good for the person about to drive but also for the engine. Installing one of these can also help with resale value, what a bonus!

Spencer Flynn
When sitting through a three hour meeting that was only supposed to take two, things can get desperate. It’s the perfect time for a fidget toy that lets you get nervous energy out, without distraction. antsylabs.com

Manny Garcia
Upgrade this holiday season with a Kindle Fire HD 8 for reading books, watching movies, or catching up on TV. It’s a kindle and tablet all in one.

Jaime Hardesty
If you have someone on your list this year who loves to bake, buy a cute holiday oven mitt, several spatulas to match, a cookie cutter and your favorite cookie recipe. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Kerry Hidlay
A photo package works for anyone! It’s great for families with small kids, seniors in high school or a group of friends that want to capture life-long memories.

Erika Hodges
Beanies from Love Your Melon comes in all different colors and are really warm. 50 percent of the proceeds goes to fighting pediatric cancer. It’s a great gift for a great cause! loveyourmelon.com

Jennifer Hodges
I think everyone should have a vacuum robot. The iRobot Roomba is a great gift for the busy mom. With the Roomba you can schedule up to seven cleanings in advance and come home to clean floors every day!

Ami Iceman-Haueter
I love the idea of giving something that represents a personal memory. This year my go-to gift idea is a coordinate necklace. Nothing says personal like a piece of jewelry with the coordinates of a special location in your life engraved on it.

Skylar Kohagen
PlayStation VR Launch Bundle is a perfect gift and only $499.99. Finally a consumer-ready step into virtual reality. Any person with a PlayStation 4 is ready to play what very well may be the future of gaming.

Zach Krieger
“Coupon book” redefined. My wife went to four to five of my favorite stores and restaurants and got a gift card at each. She put them in a cool little holiday-themed booklet with pictures of us and our daughter to round out the perfect present.

Adam Lansdell
Down from the heavens has come a couch to end all discomfort! With the LamZac you can fall asleep just about anywhere you want – just add air! Perfect for camping, outdoor events, the beach and your backyard. fatboyusa.com/Lamzac

Megan Martin
If you have a loved one that has moved away from home, a great gift idea is sending them something to remember where they came from. Homesick Candles are a great way to do this! There’s a candle for every state with a matching fragrance.

Kelly Mazurkiewicz
With one, six and twelve month plans that can be canceled any time, Bark Box is the perfect gift for those with a furry loved one. Packed with themed chews, toys and treats, humans and dogs alike can’t wait til it arrives. Visit barkbox.com to order yours.

Nikki Nicolaou
To me, the best gift is one you can make with the skills you already have. As a graphic designer, I love to make my friends and family designs of things they already love. I’ve redesigned movie posters of their favorite film and given them a framed print of my design.

Kristine Richmond
What gift brings a family together more than a family portrait? With family spread across the city, state or country, it can be hard to get the family together. Scheduling a professional family portrait is the perfect opportunity to reunite families during the holidays.

Mark Warner
A great gift idea for the guitar player in the family is Guitar Center’s String Club. Play on a new set of strings each month and save money. For just $20, you get a String Club card with $5 available to use toward a new set of strings each month.


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