Making a Mark on the Michigan Tax Tribunal

A first-generation American, Judge Preeti Gadola has made her mark on the US, especially our own state of Michigan. When she was appointed as a member of the Michigan Tax Tribunal by Governor Snyder in 2011, Gadola said she was very honored to be selected as a judge in Michigan’s administrative tax court. On a day-to-day basis, Judge Gadola listens to property tax and assessment disputes in the large claims division. “In my case, I fell into the niche of tax. I work with great people. I learn something every day. It’s a challenge,” said Gadola. “Frankly, I just love what I do.” After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1986 with degrees in both history and French, Gadola worked in Washington, D.C., for a year before returning to Michigan to pursue a degree in law at Wayne State University. When in law school, Gadola noticed that there were many women pursuing a legal career but that very few of those women were Indian, explaining that most Indian parents appreciated a career in science or technology. “I was a little unique (in my choice to attend) law school,” Gadola said. “I’ve always been passionate about issues … (and) interested in American government and the way that laws are created,” said Gadola. “All of my friends, my parents and my siblings said that (law) might just be the thing for me.” Gadola utilizes her love of the law to mentor young women in the field. “As I had role models, maybe I can be a role model for someone else,” she said. “I just really feel passionate about finding something that (you) love to do.” For many years, Gadola was a grader of the Michigan Bar exam — a distinguished position. Prospective lawyers must take the bar examination to determine if they are qualified to practice law in a certain jurisdiction. While serving the state of Michigan, Gadola also continues a passion for the French language, saying that she is still an avid Francophile and lover of French culture. Gadola stresses the importance of finding a balance in life, saying, “Work is great … but there are so many other facets to life.” A wife, mother of two, career woman and active member in the community, Gadola achieves balance flawlessly. Gadola is passionate about tax law in the state of Michigan and its communities. “It’s a privilege to listen to what folks have to say, and I really enjoy it,” she said, and to the next generation of professional women, Gadola said, “Find what you love to do. You’re probably going to stumble a few times along the way, and that’s OK, but eventually you will find the thing that you are passionate about.” Whitney Bunn is a junior at Michigan State University studying journalism and acting. An eternal optimist, Whitney loves yoga, dogs and everything French.

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Whitney Bunn

Whitney Bunn is a junior at Michigan State University studying journalism and acting. An eternal optimist, Whitney loves yoga, dogs and everything French.

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