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Since its creation in 1992, the Michigan Food and Farm Alliance’s (MOFFA) daily mission has been to “promote organic agriculture and the development and support of food systems that revitalize and sustain local communities.” Longtime healthy environmental advocate and MOFFA president, John Hooper said, “We strongly believe that our future as a species and as a planet is totally dependent on the health of the soil and the air and the water.” MOFFA was one of the first organizations in Michigan and the United States to actively promote the public need for decentralized, secure, unadulterated and humane programs to naturally feed everyone. “Since so many of our members and board members are located in the greater Lansing area, we participate quite frequently in all of the agricultural activities taking place,” said Hooper. These include the annual “Everybody Eats” conference, which takes place in Lansing every February. The conference helps to raise awareness and educate citizens on food systems and reform in communities across Mid-Michigan. Recently, MOFFA worked closely with Senator Debbie Stabenow as she crafted the 2014 Farm Bill to ensure that there were funds available for research and other aspects of organic, sustainable agriculture. “The main thrust of what we’re really interested in is growing food and protecting the health of the soil and water for future generations. Anything involved with sustaining the ecological balance — we’re involved in,” said Hooper. Members and volunteers of this organization include people from all different walks of life across the state, which include organic farmers, educators, environmentalists and other concerned citizens. Hooper’s best advice to anyone is, “Be aware of where your food is coming from, how it’s grown and try to support local, sustainable growers whenever possible.” For more information on the MOFFA and volunteer opportunities visit www.moffa.net.

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