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“Modern Romance” comically explains the dating scene of the 21st century

Add some humor to your 2017 reading list with “Modern Romance,” by Aziz Ansari. While Ansari is known for his standup comedy, this book is more than just your typical comedian-gone-writer biography. “Modern Romance” discusses all facets of today’s dating world, including how it’s changed compared to past generations, what role technology plays in romantic involvements today and why dating is still so … awkward.

Teaming up with Eric Klinenberg, an NYU sociologist, Ansari discusses how, in just a few decades, the process of finding love has changed dramatically. In the past, people would find someone they were romantically interested in based on how close they lived to one another’s families. They would then go on a few dates, meet each other’s families, get married and have kids. But that’s no longer the case! People are waiting longer than ever to get married and now, the stakes are higher. In most cases, people won’t settle for anything less than love when looking for a spouse. And, with the rise of dating technology (online dating, apps, etc.) how could you ever decide?

Ansari addresses all these points and more, walking his readers through each chapter like the stages of a relationship. Starting with “Chapter One: Searching for Your Soul Mate” and ending with “Chapter Seven: Settling Down,” the book covers everything from “old-school” romance to the woes of Tinder dates.

The best part of the book, however, is how relatable it is. If you’re still in the dating game, you probably know someone that’s experienced some sort of aspect of “modern” dating: breaking up with someone via text; debating whether or not to swipe right; filling out a dating profile on, or even having the dilemma of snooping through a significant other’s phone. No matter what your experience has been like, Ansari finds a way to relate his findings to your own experiences.

While Ansari interjects plenty of humor into the book (mostly his own romantic experiences, good and bad), “Modern Romance” is still based on facts. At its core, the book is the summary of a large-scale research project, spanning multiple platforms, thousands of participants and hundreds of miles, in the hopes of trying to draw a map of our culture’s new romantic landscape. Whether you’re married, single, in a relationship or swearing off love this New Year, this book is full of laughs and gives great insight into what’s going on in modern dating culture.


Kalynne McIntyre

Kalynne McIntyre is the Digital Branding Specialist at M3 Group in downtown Lansing. She loves action movies, puppies and all things Italian.

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