Motown Grooves Its Way to the Wharton Center


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Motown is back! Get ready to groove to the beat this winter from march 15-20 as Motown the musical hits the Wharton center stage.

Featuring some of the most iconic Motown hits of all time, including music by the temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and more, Motown the musical tells the tale of how the popular music genre came to be.

Based off the book “to be loved” written by berry Gordy, Motown the musical is a true “American dream” story of Gordy’s career, starting with his early days in boxing to his transition to the music industry. Gordy is renowned as a music powerhouse who kick-started the careers of many famous Motown musicians, including Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and countless others.

Allison Semmes from the cast of Motown gives some insight as to what the show is all about, why she’s so passionate about the performing arts and what it feels like to play a true music diva.

What can the audience expect from the show?
To not only be entertained by America’s most classic hits, but to learn the truth about berry Gordy’s Motown through socially changing America. [not to mention] to inspire them to pursue their own visions as well.

Diana ross is one of the most iconic women in the music industry. What’s it like to play her character in Motown the musical?
It’s an honor to tell this influential black woman’s story. I’m inspired daily and I’m having the most fun singing her songs – and of course wearing those fabulous gowns!

How is this show different from other musicals?
This is much more than a jukebox musical. Not only are there concert excerpts from the show, but you also see the who and the why of Motown. The audience learns about the challenges of Motown as it expanded through the times; the relationships that berry Gordy had with his artists; and America’s social climate change in relation to Motown.

What made you fall in love with performing? How did you get your start?
As long as I can remember, I have loved performing. At age three i would sing with the vacuum cleaner and dance in front of the TV. My parents enrolled me in the Chicago children’s choir, [my church choir] and that was the start of my lifelong journey in the arts.

The show is designated for audiences ages 10 and up. Will there be a wide variety of songs, appealing to classic Motown music lovers as well as newcomers?
Yes, absolutely. The music and show are equally enjoyable to theater newcomers and Motown lovers alike.

Are there any specific words you would use to describe the show?

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