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Home is a new DreamWorks animated film that is perfect for the whole family. The movie is about a race of short purple aliens called the Boov who have set out to conquer earth and escape their arch enemy, the Gorg. When taking over Earth, the Boov relocate all the humans to Australia, except one for Tip (Rihanna). Tip hid from the aliens during their takeover, but now must embark on adventure to find her mother. Tip finds an unlikely partner in Oh (Jim Parsons), a Boovian who is not like the others. Rather than take over the world, Oh longs to find fun and friendship. Oh causes a magnitude of problems when he sends out a party invitation to the whole universe, alerting the Gorg of their whereabouts. As a result, all of the Boovians turn on him and he is forced to leave their Eifel Tower headquarters. When Oh meets Tip, the unlikely pair are hesitant to trust one another, but after the working together and getting to know each other, they become close friends. Throughout their adventures to find Tip’s mom, Oh figures out why the Gorg is after the Boovians and recruits Tip to help him make it right. Home is a thoughtful and interesting movie that would definitely make a great family night flick. On top of a heartwarming story, the movie also has a star-studded cast. Most of the characters were voiced by very recognizable actors, including Steve Martin (Captain Smek), Jennifer Lopez (Tip’s mom) and Matt Jones (Kyle). My only critique of the movie would be a small one, in that the alien’s could have been more over the top in design. When I think of aliens, I often think of fanciful creatures, and the Boovians were rather simple (but also kind of cute). But other than that, I thought that the story and characters were fun and perfect for audiences of all ages. Ultimately, Home teaches us that it is ok to be different. Tip and Oh learn to accept one another and help each other despite their differences. It would be especially great to see Home for a Mother’s Day because Tip spends the movie searching for her mother and teaching Oh about love and family. If you’re looking for a movie to enjoy with your family this Mother’s Day (or really any day) Home would be a great pick. This movie review is brought to you by Studio C! where movies taste better! 1999 Central Park Dr. Okemos, MI 48864 | (517) 393-7469 |

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