Olivet College to Offer Students New Opportunities


Imagine receiving the opportunity to obtain a college degree in three and a half years, from a program that has a 99.9 percent job match guarantee — all while also receiving free course credits. Olivet College, a leader in insurance education throughout the state of Michigan, is making this a reality. With the insurance industry in need of replenishment in leadership roles, the college is partnering with local school districts and insurance companies throughout the state to educate the next generation of leaders.

“There is an increased need for employees due to the reduction of current leadership in the field. This presents a great opportunity for Olivet College to take what we are good at and make it more accessible to our local community,” said Maria Davis, Ph.D., provost and dean of Olivet College.

Olivet College’s insurance curriculum, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, is well-known and highly respected across the state. The new opportunities presented by the college for high school students will not only strengthen their school as an education destination, but provide an unappalled opportunity for students in the years to come, with a new ability to accelerate program completion.

“This is an amazing opportunity for students,” said Davis. “We’re extremely fortunate to offer credits to students looking to make an impact in the field and create careers around insurance. It gives students a leg up on the competition in terms of both education and finances. We’re hopeful that this program will open the doors for more students in the years to come”

Olivet College’s recently formed partnership with the Lansing School District (LSD) will offer a new program for high school students this fall called the Insurance Academy where they can earn nine free Olivet college credits

“Our students deserve to have multiple options for career choices and it’s the mission of the LSD to help them get ‘opportunity ready,’” said Yvonne Caamal Canul, superintendent of the LSD. “A program such as this one, will not only provide students real-life experiences from which they can learn, but will also build a life-long commitment to being a successful member of our community by joining a growing industry.”

Students enrolled in the Insurance Academy will spend three days per week in the classroom and two days per week at AF Group learning about the insurance field while gaining hands-on experience. Students will also be able to attend seminars and engage in campus life at Olivet College.

“We look at this program as a chance to educate students and plant the seeds early about the opportunities available to them. We are very involved in the community and are excited to provide students an opportunity to further their education,” said Lynette Long, manager of Talent Management and Learning for AF Group.

The future is bright for students looking to join an ever expanding field of opportunities.

For more information about Olivet College’s Risk Management and Insurance program, visit olivetcollege.edu/academic-dept/risk-management-insurance.


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