Pitch Perfect

No diggity, no doubt that this “Glee” for grownups is a fun flick. Woah, I just went there. But seriously, I didn’t have high expectations. Brandished with a small soda and popcorn, I settled in expecting a semi-annoying,coming-of-age musical. Instead, I got a hefty dose of laughs, chuckles and — I have to admit — even that feeling of elation one gets from hearing good voices making good music. Pitch Perfect follows the story of college freshman Beca (played with lots of angst by Anna Kendrick), who is “too cool” to join the women’s glee club … until they convince her that they really, really need her help. Their leader is old fashioned, tightly wound and looks to Beca to inject a little fun and excitement into the group. While there’s plenty to groan about here (including some stereotypes, boring romances and silly scenes), at least see the movie for the star attraction: Fat Amy. Now Fat Amy is my spirit animal/ A large, in-charge lady with a killer voice and an unusual view of the world. Her nickname, in fact, is an attempt to prevent people from calling her fat behind her back. So she does it for them. Rebel Wilson plays Fat Amy with such hilarious timing and peculiarity that I found myself laughing out loud in the theater on more than one occasion. She’s brash, funny and reminds me of last year’s breakout star Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids. If you’re looking for a fun afternoon film to see with friends (and are already a fan of shows like “Glee” and films like Bring it On), then I would recommend Pitch Perfect. Just don’t expect it to hit every note.

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