R.I.P.D. stars Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as supernatural police officers enlisted in the Rest In Peace Department. Their job is to take souls that escape to the human world back to the underworld. As former police offers, who have died throughout time, these two are the perfect pair to come back disguised in human form to take care of what they call “deaders.” As they hunt for souls to return to the underworld, the unlikely partners stumble upon a plot by many of the “deaders” to use an old artifact to destroy the world so that they don’t have to go to the underworld. In my opinion, this movie is not great. There are some fun parts with banter between modern cop Reynolds and old western lawman Bridges. Plus some over-the-top slapstick thanks to the fact that these two cops are already dead and therefore can’t die again. The effects were good with a bunch of CGI monsters but seeing it in 3D didn’t add anything to the movie. The plot is pretty contrived because everything just happens to work out, at least for a bit. The “deaders” can get their magic artifact pieces and put it together, and perhaps most convenient, is that Ryan Reynolds’ character just happens to be ex-partners with the ring leader of the “deaders.” Plus it would amaze me if a gold artifact, which had been broken into so many pieces, would just happen to not have any pieces melted down or destroyed over the centuries. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of Bridges or Reynolds, this summer blockbuster may be a better rental as it certainly lacks any twist ending. That being said, it’s a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, have a few laughs and if nothing else, enjoy some good old fashion popcorn, before becoming a “deader” yourself.

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