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It’s no secret that the women here at Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine love fashion, but the truth is, so do all the guys. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, your hubby or just your best guy friend this Father’s Day (and let’s be honest you don’t have to be a dad to enjoy the spoils of Father’s Day), the men of CAWLM have some looks to help you find the pieces that are just right for the guy in your life. Here, the three men — Mike, a graphic artist, Mark, a photographer and Manny, a sales exec show off how they dress for their jobs. Mark Warner, Graphics & Video Specialist Being a photographer and videographer, my days generally consist of on-location photo and video shoots, meeting with clients or editing footage back at the office. I start this look with pair of dark dress jeans with no holes or frays. They are suitable for client meetings plus comfortable and durable in the field. When a collared shirt is a must, I choose a solid dark color wrinkle-free polo because I’m not big on ironing and the lack of sleeves gives me free range of motion to capture the next photo or video opp. Black dress shoes, belt and a suit jacket will class this look up. Remember, it is important to dress job and task appropriate. Manny Garcia, Account Manager I am usually dressing for clients, prospects, events and meetings, which calls for a suit. A fun color shirt and tie can spice up the look. Keeping a couple rules in mind, wearing a suit is not all that bad. 1) A good tailored shirt is a must. You should always be able to place two fingers inside your buttoned collar for comfort. 2) Suit coat buttons should be closed unless sitting. The rule of thumb for buttons: with a three or two–button jacket, the bottom button will never be closed. Every lady loves a sharp dressed man! Mike France, Graphic Design Specialist Being prepared and comfortable for any work situation is essential for me. In a typical day I could run into a client, end up on a photo shoot, in a group meeting or find myself overcome by an overwhelming desire to duck out for a round of golf… with a client, of course. A nice collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up is a classic option that works for anything. I paired mine with a blue textured dress pant and some classic converse shoes to keep it fun, run faster and jump higher than anyone in the office. I also threw on a Fossil watch with leather band. Add on some sunglasses for desk napping (I mean, summer sun) and I’m all set for whatever the day has to offer.

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