Silver Linings Playbook

It is Oscar season, and I’ve seen about half of the Best Picture Nominees. I thought if I had to see a genre of movies I don’t normally enjoy (romance/date films) it could be one up for an award, it has to be good then! Silver Linings Playbook is a movie about a man named Pat (played by Best Actor Nominee Bradley Cooper) who was just released from a mental institute where he was being treated for Bipolar. Throughout the movie he attempts to re-kindle his marriage. Unfortunately, because of the events that landed Pat into the institution, which also caused his wife to issue a restraining order against him, he cannot contact his wife. And until he is able to prove that he is better, he cannot be with his wife. During his recovery he refuses to take his meds. His parents and friends see it fit to introduce Pat to another woman by the name of Tiffany (played by Best Actress Nominee Jennifer Lawrence). Tiffany is also a mentally distressed person, like Pat, who was traumatized by the loss of her husband. Pat and Tiffany begin to help each other recover, and give each other somebody who really understands the other. This movie was funny, intense, happy and sad at times. The sad parts are few and far between, something I enjoyed. The acting in this movie is spectacular. Both Pat and Tiffany were portrayed perfectly. They were hilariously awkward, yet so real. The family scenes in this movie are spot on, with people talking over each other, chaotic yelling and arguing just like you would see at any family event. I enjoyed the movie the whole way through. It was suspenseful and I always wanted to figure out the entire story. The movie itself experienced mood swings. A scene that was funny and happy could turn a 180 and be sad or violent. Any gentlemen who are looking for a date night movie that you may also enjoy, Silver Linings Playbook is worth a shot. Anybody interested in a cute story with plenty of laughs and a few tears will definitely enjoy this movie.

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