Spartan Child Development Center

The early development of children is a big deal for parents, and it’s hard to choose who you can trust with your children. Spartan Child Development Center understands this and makes sure to include parents in everything that they do; eight of the 16 board members are parents with children in the center. “We think of all parents as members of our center and that they should have a part in it,” says Emelia Brown, the Administrative Director for the Spartan Child Development Center. After a request was made to the MSU Board of Trustees by married students for full and part-time child care while attending classes or studying, the Center was opened in April, 1971, as the “Married Students Activity Unit Day Care Center.” Initial funding was a grant by MSU to be administered by the institute for Family and Child Study. The Spartan Child Development Center is no longer administrated by MSU, although they lease the building from them. In 1980, the center broke away from MSU and is now reorganized as a nonprofit educational corporation. “We (the center) feel that it’s important for people to know that we are not run by the university,” says Brown. The Spartan Child Development Center still includes MSU students by having them work as aids in the classrooms and the teachers in the center are all highly qualified with degrees in the field of child development. Their program is designed to meet the social-emotional, cognitive and physical needs of developing children. They have lesson plans that include activities that promote development in all areas with a focus on topics that are of interest to the kids. One of the most unique things about the Spartan Child Development Center is that they provide food — made fresh on site by their own full time chef — for all of the children in their care. “(The chef) even hand makes the dough for the pizzas, and it’s really good,” added Brown.

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