Spartan Hall of Fame Café

Honestly, does the food even matter? I am pretty sure there are enough people in the area who bleed green and white that if the Spartan Hall of Fame Café served shoe leather with a side of fries, people would still populate the establishment. Lucky for us more reserved Spartan fans, the quality of the food far exceeds shoe leather. Good enough to get a die-hard Michigan fan in the front door? We will have to see. My dining partner and I decided that starting with the sampler platter was the best decision. That way we were killing many birds with one stone. The plate came laden with onion rings, fried cheese sticks, loaded baked potatoes and chicken wings. We even got crazy and had them throw some ribs on for fun. Now if you are at the Hall of Fame Café to watch a game (which, by the way, would be wise since there are tons of TVs — including individual TVs at each booth) could there be a better food foundation than this sampler platter? Throw in a beer and you are good to go. I loved the onion rings. They were big and thick. Although, I am usually not a fan, the ribs did me right. They were very tender and meaty with a balanced sauce. Next up were our entrees. Since I am on a health kick (just kidding), I was very enticed by almost every salad on the menu. I was torn between the Hall of Fame salad that was comprised of pecans, blue cheese, strawberries and chicken and the Steakhouse Filet Salad. I went for the filet. It was fresh and had a ton of flavor. There were bites of steak, bacon, blue cheese and potato straws, and obviously there were plenty of vegetables topped off with a great White Herb Vinaigrette. My dining partner went in the complete other direction. She ordered the Potato Bacon Ranch pizza (I think we have a pizza problem). Anyway, it was hearty. How can it not be when you have a sweet crust topped with an herb-ranch sauce, two kinds of cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, fried potatoes, sausage and fresh herbs? And yes, before you ask, a food coma did set in. But it was worth it. Let’s discuss bacon. It is all over the Hall of Fame menu. In my office there is a sign that says “Either you love bacon or you’re wrong.” However, if you fear the pork there are plenty of other items on their menu that look worth your time. Steaks, fish and pasta are available staples. They also have a ton of pizzas, burgers and sandwiches. The combos look really fun. Whether you are hitting lunch or dinner, these bad boys offer a smorgasboard of choices meant to tempt your taste buds Now for the real fans, the Spartan Hall of Fame Café offers a few unique opportunities to show your love to MSU. The first is the coaches table. Tucked in a corner, it is reserved for only the MSU coaches. It is the best table in the place. You can totally get away with innocently stalking Izzo by having a drink at the bar nearby. Give him a wave. The other is their catering van. You would be the coolest person at the tailgate when that bad boy pulls up. Plus, there’s a Spartan gift shop right inside the front door. No need to worry if you’ve forgotten your MSU gear on game day. Hall of Fame Café is at 1601 W. Lake Lansing Road, East Lansing. (517) 337-4680

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