Tammy is the newest comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, best known for her roles in such films as The Heat and Bridesmaids. The movie begins with Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) driving to work. Once she gets there, she’s fired for showing up late one too many times to her fast food job at Topper Jacks. Distraught, Tammy proceeds to hit a deer on her way home. To top off an already miserable day, she arrives at home to find her husband, Greg (Nat Faxon), with the woman next door (Toni Collette) eating a romantic meal he cooked for her. Tammy, being left with no car, no home and now no husband walks two doors down to her mother’s house to take her car and leave town. Even though her mother denies her, saying that it’s time she grows up, her grandmother, Pearl (Susan Sarandon) sees this as her chance to leave. Tammy sets off on a wild adventure with her profane, boozy grandmother who has convinced her to leave town and visit Niagara Falls. Tammy is a comedy but it’s also a coming of age story about a woman who learns, through tough love, that life isn’t easy and if she wants to make things better for herself, she needs to get up on her own two feet and work hard to make it happen. Melissa McCarthy’s performance is always funny, playing a sort of whiny and thickheaded woman, and Susan Sarandon does a great job accenting that as her drunken grandmother. I didn’t have high hopes for Tammy going in but was pleasantly surprised by how funny and genuine the movie was. Neither the jokes nor the message of the film were forced and I think that the greatness of the movie comes from Melissa McCarthy playing the lead character. I would say that anybody who loves Melissa McCarthy films, will also thoroughly enjoy the hilarity of this flick as well.

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Kyle Dowling

Kyle Dowling is an employee of M3 Group and is pursuing a writing degree at LCC. He enjoys fiction writing, video games and movies.

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